Typical Application

MIDI Synthesis / Sound module, Karaoke


Low-Power Synthesizer with Effects and built-in CODEC

The SAM2635 integrates into a single chip a proprietary DREAM®   DSP core (64-slots DSP + 16-bit microcontroller), a 32k x 16 RAM, an LCD display interface and an Audio Codec. With addition of a single external ROM or FLASH, a complete low cost sound module can be built, including reverb and chorus effects, parametric equalizer, surround effects, without compromising on sound quality.


- Firmware develpment is not supported, the 2635-FW firmware is provided as binary file "as is"

- Sound development is possible on 5000-SDK in "Universal Target Mode" with some limitations


PDF Description Updated

SAM2635 Low-Power Synthesizer with Effects and Built-in CODEC


Key Parameters

Package LQFP100, pitch 0.5
# on chip DSP 1
DSP type 64-slot
max. Polyphony 64
Internal Memory 32kx16 RAM
External Memory 64MB Flash, SRAM
I/O Interfaces serial MIDI, 8bit parallel Host, SPI, GPIO
Audio I/O 1 IN / 2 OUT (analog)


Reference Description

MIDI Sound module with Microphone effects

Evaluation Boards & Reference Designs

Reference Description

Stand alone evaluation board dedicated to low cost and low power applications.

Includes 256Mbit Flash memory, optionally can be upgraded to 512Mbit

Sound Banks

Name Description

8 MByte CleanWave®. 128 GM sounds, 225 variations, 9 drum sets, 1 SFX set.

Application Notes

Reference Description

MakeRom User Guide.pdf (4 pages)
MakeRom is the tool to generate the ROM/Flash content files for production

(Download from here)