Typical Application

Karaoke, Musical instruments


Multi-purpose Audio DSP


Not recommended for new design!


The SAM3308B is a member of the SAM3000 family that uses the DSP array technology. The SAM3308B includes eight 24-bit DSPs, a 24-bit Audio Router and a general-purpose 16-bit on-chip CISC microcontroller. Its high performance and flexibility with 8-input/8-output channels enables implementation of audio applications in professional-quality sound production such as MP3 decoding with time stretch and pitch control, concurrent Wavetable synthesis, effect processing and digital mixing. A variety of I/Os, including external Wave ROM, SmartMedia® and DataFlash® are provided. Sampling rates up to 96 kHz at 24 bits are supported.


PDF Description Updated

SAM3308B Multi-purpose Audio DSP (not recommended for new design)


Key Parameters

Package LQFP100, pitch 0.4
# on chip DSP 8
DSP type P24
max. Polyphony 64
Internal Memory 16kx24 RAM + 8x 2kx24 DSP RAM
External Memory 2x 8MB Flash, SRAM
I/O Interfaces serial MIDI, 8bit parallel Host, SPI, GPIO
Audio I/O 8 IN / 8 OUT (digital)