MIDI Sound Modules

For many music applications, like Digital Pianos, Digital Drums, Digital Wind Instruments, MIDI Karaoke & Expanders, Sound Modules based on DREAM® Reference designs and Firmware options can become the ideal solution.


Top Quality Sound Module solution: 5716-EK


MIDI Sound module with SAM5716B is the king choice. It offer 256-voices with the highest sound and effect quality and possibility of huge sound bank stored in low cost Nand flash memory.


Evaluation & Development Kit:

5716-EK Evaluation board & Reference design

5716-FW Firmware for high quality MIDI Synth


Sound Development Kit:



Dream® Sound Bank:

GMBK5X128 General MIDI sound banks (free of license)



Low cost Sound Module solution with USB: 5504-EK


USB/MIDI Sound module with SAM5504B is offering up to 81-voices with the high sound and effect quality with sound bank stored in low cost Quad-SPI Flash memory.


Evaluation & Development Kit:

5504-EK Evaluation board & Reference design

5504-DK Evaluation board & Reference design (with audio inputs)

5504-MIDI-MIC Firmware for MIDI Synth with USB and Mike inputs processing


Sound Development Kit and Sound Bank see above


Lowest cost solution:  2695-EK

MIDI Sound module with SAM2695


Evaluation Kit:

2695-EK Board & Reference Design